School Objective


1. Providing an alternative good care and protection for pupils while their parents are at work.

2. Effecting a smooth transition of Pupils from basic home Education to formal School life.

3. Encouraging Pupils to acquire good moral and health habits.

4. Infusing in Pupils team spirit, co-operation in Learning, Sport and Games.

5. Teaching the pupils the rudiments of letters, numbers, shapes and colour through plays, cultural activities and tradition.

6. Preparing pupils for the Primary level of Education.

PRIMARY (lower & middle level basic education)

1. Building a foundation of permanent literacy in numbers and figures and the ability to communicate very effectively.

2. Laying a social basis of Scientific and Reflective thinking.

3. Improving on the character traits, moral and health training of the pupils by developing their sound attitude through citizenship education as a tool for effective participation and contribution to their Society.

4. Providing opportunity for pupils to develop necessary skills that will enable them adapt to the changing environment, thereby functioning effectively in the Society with the limit of their capability.

5. Preparing pupils for competitive academic challenges in their pursuit for excellence in the Society.

HIGH SCHOOL (JSS 1-3 upper level basic education )

1. Providing for increasing number of Primary School pupils sound and solid high quality education irrespective of social, religious, ethnic or sex background.

2. Pursuing the National Curricular which put into consideration differences in talent and opportunities open to Students after their Secondary School Education.

3. Preparing the Students for any internal or external examinations in their pursuit for excellence in life.

4. Developing Students to live independently and to be self-reliant, effectively in this modern age of technology and science.

5. Encouraging students to develop love, unity and propagate mother-tongue , Culture, Tradition and Art including proficiency in First and Second Languages(L1 and L2).

6. Training students to have respect for the dignity of labour, to build an acceptance moral tenets and have respect for constituted authority through well structured discipline.